What are the ways to get rid of Arthritis pain?

What are the ways to get rid of Arthritis pain?

Arthritis is the pain of the joints, along with the inflammation and stiffness. Although Arthritis isn’t curable, certain treatments have been greatly helpful for Arthritis. There are various kinds of Arthritis, and the treatment process for every Arthritis is different, so it is very important to follow the right treatment method. Arthritis can happen in multiple or single joints.

Arthritis is common in adults at the age of 65, but it can happen to anyone. The symptoms may not be clear in the initial stage, but over time, then gradually increase along with the pain and inflammation. Arthritis is more common in females and overweight people.


There can be different causes for Arthritis, so the cause may vary depending on the type of Arthritis. Other than that, the possible cause for Arthritis may include

  • Injury
  • Unusual Metabolism
  • Any infection
  • Improper functioning of the immune system
  • Genetic factors

There can other causes of Arthritis, but these are the most common causes.


Pain in joints is the most common symptom of Arthritis. Inflammation and stiffness can be other symptoms that follow along with the pain in the joints. Other Common symptoms in case of Arthritis are

  • Increase of pain gradually in the joints
  • Swelling
  • Cracking of the joint.
  • The motion of the joints may get restricted
  • Deformity

Ways to get rid of Arthritis pain

To get rid of Arthritis’s pain, there can be different methods and procedures that you can follow to reduce the pain. Before following any of the procedures or remedies to reduce the pain, it is important to contact your doctor and ask him, do the remedies only if the doctor advises.

The best ways to reduce the pain in Arthritis are

  • Exercise

Exercise is one of the most important aspects because t helps you maintain your weight and makes your joints stronger and flexible enough. If a person does regular exercise, the muscles tend to get stronger, which helps to hold the joints together. But if you have Arthritis then don’t do any heavy exercise, make sure to do light exercise only like walking, cycling or any other water activity. Make sure to ask your doctor about the exercise you do or whether they will benefit you.

  • Medications

There are many medications available to reduce the pain, but it is important to ask your doctor before you follow any medication remedies. Although these remedies help in reducing the pain, there are side effects of these medications. Hence, it is important to follow the medication plan strictly, and if any side effect is happening, consult your doctor immediately.

  • Use different herbs

As we know, herbs are great for pain and have different healing properties. Herbs like aloe vera, Boswellia, catclaw, and other herbs greatly help with swelling, inflammation, and pain. These have almost no side effects, and you can take them directly even while you are under different treatment procedures, but it is better advisable to consult a doctor first.

  • Massages

Massages have proven to be a great way of reducing joint pain and stiffness. Along with this, massage greatly helps with an increase in the motion of joints, but don’t take massage if the joints are swollen or tender.

  • Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy is a great way of reducing strain and pain on the joints of the body. With a proper therapy regime, according to persons’ needs, it can greatly help reduce the pain and increase flexibility and movement.

  • Acupuncture

A very old Chinese tradition is there thin needles are inserted in the body at certain positions. They are said to stimulate blood flow and boost the immune system, which helps with the pain. Acupuncture greatly helps in reducing arthritis pain and stimulates a positive vibe and decreases stress. If you are getting this, make sure that it is done from a specialist only.


While there are many ways of getting rid of the pain during Arthritis, it is very important that before doing anything, the doctor should be consulted as there can be serious side effects. Make sure to follow a healthy diet plan and control your weight to reduce the chances of Arthritis.