What are some common diseases of joints?

What are some common diseases of joints?

In old age, joint diseases are being very common. There is no doubt in the fact that when people enter into old age, they suffer from multiple problems, and joint problems hit at the top. The pain they are facing in their joint may be due to multiple reasons. There might be a chance it is just a matter of age, or there might be a chance some diseases are knocking on their doors. At that moment, they approached the Rheumatologist in Jaipur and ask them about it.

The major reason for approaching them is because they will examine the condition and reach a conclusion. If you have no idea what are the common diseases of joint, then here we are discussing it.

Common diseases of joints:

  • Arthritis:

Arthritis hits in the category of most common joint diseases. In this joint disease, inflammation of joints takes place. This inflammation results in pain, swelling, stiffness, and redness of the skin around the joint as well. In this problem, usually, the pain is so severe that they cannot get rid of it without approaching the Rheumatologist in Jaipur. Majorly, it is of two types: Rheumatoid Arthritis and osteoarthritis. Accordingly, the symptoms vary.

  • Bursitis:

Bursitis is the problem in which the inflammation of a Synovial bursa takes place. It is the lubricating sac that is located over a joint or between tendons and muscles. This problem arises due to rheumatoid arthritis and gout. The infection takes place through a wound or Borne by the bloodstream. In this problem, irritation around the joint is very common. Moreover, it can be near the shoulder region, in the knee region or near the hip region as well. The doctor having enough experience will let an individual to understand the cause and help them in getting rid of it.

  • Infectious Arthritis:

Infectious Arthritis is the kind of joint disease which happens due to infection caused by microorganisms for by animal parasites. There are three roots of infection, including direct contamination, through the bloodstream, and through extension from adjacent joint infection. In this problem, sometimes the damage of joint cartilage takes place by the formation of pus in infection. Tuberculosis in the joint may also happen due to it.

  • Collagen diseases:

Collagen diseases are the type of joint disease is in which abnormality is developed in collagen-containing connective tissue. These diseases are systematic and accompanied by joint problems. Moreover, there are multiple diseases which hit in this category out of systematic lupus erythematous is common among all and affect the structure or organ of the body. Every collagen disease comes up with different symptoms. It depends on the individual how they will be going to deal with it.

  • Traumatic joint disease:

Traumatic joint diseases are also common. This could result from mild sprains to fractures and dislocations. It has been noticed that in this problem, a momentary incomplete location of a joint has been noticed. These are very common among athletes and boxes as they engage in business activities rapidly.

  • Neurogenic arthropathy:

Neurogenic arthropathy, also referred to as Charcot’s joint is a degenerative disease that is related to nerve lesions and developed when the sensory mechanism of joints is impaired. In this problem, the supporting tissues get torn and explain the disintegration of the structure may take place. This disease may take place in one joint or group of joints. It depends on the location of the nerve defect. The pain is frequently mild but with the time it took keeps on increasing.

Wrap it up:

Some other common joint diseases are also there, which can be noticed. It depends on the individual and the condition of the joint. The Rheumatologist in Jaipur will examine the joint and then reached to a conclusion. Without examining the joint, they will not suggest anything considering the problem you are facing.