What are the risk factors of Rheumatoid arthritis?

risk factors of rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory condition that influences the joints and different pieces of the body. The specific causes are hazy, yet certain elements increment an individual’s danger.

A few issues can expand the odds of creating rheumatoid joint inflammation (RA). Some are unavoidable, yet an individual can make a move to forestall others.

Having a healthful diet, avoiding from smoking, taking care of the teeth and gums, and taking probiotics may lessen the danger of creating RA.

In this article, get familiar with the factor that can increase RA danger or risk, and which way of life changes may help.

Risk factors of Rheumatoid arthritis.

Genetic Factors

If the close family members have a RA, an individual may have a higher risk of developed it themselves.

Genetic factors alone may not anticipate the disease. they can make a person more likely to develop Rheumatoid arthritis if other triggers, such as smoking or obesity, are present.


As indicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ladies are a few times bound to develop RA than men. hormones may assume a part, and research into this is continuous.

These findings also suggest that hormones play a role in the progression of RA.


Anybody can develop RA, yet the danger increments with age. It is destined to begin when an individual is in their 60s, as indicated by the CDC.


Normal smokers have a fundamentally higher risk of creating RA than nonsmokers, and the standpoint is more regrettable for the individuals who keep on smoking.

The result of studies shows that smoking may change the body’s immune reaction, particularly in individuals genetically predisposed to develop RA.


RA is an immunological disease, however, a few specialists recommend that it might likewise include factors disconnected from the immune system. For instance, the manner in which the body responds to stress may worsen symptoms.

Individuals with rheumatic conditions regularly report that awful or stressful encounters happened without symptoms first appeared. Many people find that stress causes RA symptoms to flare up.


The CDC reports a connection between obesity and the danger of creating RA.

Analysts additionally partner obesity with a few medical problems, like metabolic conditions, that can worsen RA side effects. For instance, inflammation is a typical element or feature of both obesity and metabolic disorder.

Early life factors

Growing up with exposure to certain triggers, such as cigarette smoking, can increase a person’s risk of developing RA later in life.

Past Infection

A past Infection’s effect on the resistant framework may trigger RA. In 2013, analysts proposed that infection may bring about RA if:

some portion of the immune system loses its capacity to deal with specific organisms (microorganisms or infections)

the infection triggers the creation of new antigens, making the immune system become overactive.


A healthful diet can reduce the risk of many diseases, and it may play a role in RA management. In addition, some researchers have suggested that certain substances in foods can trigger the onset of RA.

Takeaway (Risk factors of Rheumatoid arthritis)

It is not clear exactly what causes RA, but some factors can increase the risk of developing it.

Some factors are unavoidable, but quitting smoking, maintaining a suitable body weight, and eating a healthful diet with limited amounts of processed food may help some people to prevent the onset of this painful condition.