How can I cure arthritis permanently?

How can I cure arthritis permanently?

If you are feeling pain, stiffness, redness, and swelling in your joint or joints, you must visit a doctor because these are symptoms of Arthritis. It is a common disease that can affect anyone irrespective of their age.

Although there is no cure for arthritis, yet identifying and treating it at an early stage can be of great help. Arthritis comprises of many types such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and many more. Also, symptoms of Arthritis vary from day to day and week to week.

Treatment of arthritis

The symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis cannot be cured but can be controlled by various methods which in result stop damaging the joints. These methods include surgery, medication, change in lifestyle, and daily routine. Doctors can help you to better understand the treatment you must go for. For this, you can visit Rheumatologist in Jaipur as they will prescribe the right medication and safe treatment at the most affordable and reasonable cost.

Treating arthritis will not cure the disease but will surely reduce pain and prevent your body from further damage. Moreover, proper treatment will help you to live a better life and reduce its long-life effects. Moreover, you can also follow a strict treatment that will bring Arthritis into remission. Remission means the level of the disease will reduce up to the minimal level. Though it does not ensure that symptoms will not come back again still many patients can go for a long time without experiencing any symptoms.


Doctors often prescribe medications to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain in the body. Medications prove to be very helpful for those who are at the early stage of Arthritis. This is because, at this time, symptoms are very subtle and thus can be reduced even with the help of lower doses. But the patients at advanced stages are often prescribed strong medications. Unfortunately, these patients often face dangerous side effects of the medicines.

Physical therapy

So, if you are worried about the side effects of medication, you can also choose physical therapy. A healthy lifestyle plays an equal role in treating Arthritis as medication does. Low-risk exercises such as walking, yoga, daily workout routine, etc. keep your joints flexible and hence keep you feel comfortable. You can take the help of a physical therapist as well. He will not only instruct you properly but also make you attempt new ways of minimizing the strain of affected joints.

Chiropractic treatment

Many times, medications are not sufficient to eliminate all the pain of the body. In this situation, approaching a chiropractor is the only solution. Some medical practitioners caution chiropractic treatment due to its ability to worsen the pain depending upon the nature of the body. However, it can benefit some other patients also. So always go for chiropractic only after experts prescribe you.


Surgery must be considered as the last option. It is not the standard care treatment for patients. It is only suitable for those who have severe injury or damage in their joints. As arthritis cannot be cured but surgery can help the patient to regain strength in their joints and fix the deformities, if any. There are three surgical procedures which include joint replacement surgery, joint fusion surgery, and tendon repair surgery. These types of surgeries doctors perform only when there exists no other option to improve the quality of life.

It is obvious that no cure does not mean any treatment. If you know that there is no permanent cure for arthritis then you can take various measures to reduce its effect on the body. It will not only make your life better but help you to live your life to the fullest as well.